bsdinstall no detecting existing EFI partition

Martin Paredes mapsware at
Mon Apr 4 06:35:11 UTC 2016


The laptop is UEFI and came with windows, so I free 60 GB of space

ada0p1   500 MB   efi
ada0p2   16 MB    ms-reserved
ada0p3   59 GB    ms-basic-data
ada0p4   450 MB   !de94bba4-06d1-
         60 GB    - free space -

I installed FreeBSD 10.2 and I selected "Auto (UFS)" when partitioning
and bsdinstall add this partitions

ada0p5   800 KB   efi
ada0p6   57 GB    freebsd-boot
ada0p7   1.0 MB   freebsd-swap

Now gpart list 2 EFI partitions

Where can I see the code that create the partiotions and populate the
second efi partition

If I select Manual or Shell (when partitioning) and don't create the
second efi partition, does bsdinstall will see the first efi partition?

What operations does bsdinstall make in the efi partition?

Martin Paredes
Hermosillo, Son. Mexico

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