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doug at doug at
Tue Mar 10 22:08:39 UTC 2015

On Mon, 9 Mar 2015, Mike Clarke wrote:

> On Mon, 9 Mar 2015 21:31:33 +0100
> Julien Cigar <jcigar at> wrote:
>> 1) tigervnc depends on graphics/png (direct dependency)
>> 2) you did "pkg upgrade tigervnc"
>> 3) there was an upgrade for graphics/png too, with a shared library bump
>> 4) pkg upgraded tigervnc, png, and other dependencies
>> AFAIK pkg doesn't handle this scenario properly as reverse dependencies
>> of graphics/png aren't upgraded at the same time... and you end up with
>> a semi-"broken" system :(
>> I hope this will be fixed in a close future as this is pretty annoying
>> and limiting
> In the meantime the way to avoid this is to run pkg upgrade before
> installing any new package.

Ah - I misread this -- yes, I got it thanks

> It's quite likely that running pkg upgrade now will rectify the problem.

And it did. My initial problem was I did not want to do that remotely. Again, 
thank you. I had to read your email a couple of times to understand it. The only 
issue was with xfce/xdm, which has nothing to do with pkg.

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