obj-c : gnustep : development : strange problem

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at kathe.in
Tue Mar 10 15:21:59 UTC 2015


i have been tinkering with obj-c under freebsd for a while.
all was well, till i had to re-install my system (10.1p6) today.
the freebsd system install itself went well, except for the minor
hiccup after running "freebsd-update".
even the installation of required packages (below) went smoothly;
1. gnustep-base,
2. gmake.

i followed all the steps mentioned at, but,
after running "gmake" within the code directory, the following
error was thrown out;
/usr/local/GNUstep/System/Library/Makefiles:1: *** missing separator.  Stop.

i have no idea about what this is, i have checked and double checked
everything per the instructions, the only deviation being that i
no longer need to edit the following file;

reason being, that file has the correct locations of the clang tools
as compared to previous conditions, i.e. /usr/bin/clang, instead of
/usr/local/bin/clang (needed to remove "local" from that path).

i have visited http://www.freshports.org/devel/gnustep to check if
there have been any major changes which might have messed up the
installation, couldn't identify anything, maybe i am obtuse.

can someone please help me by directing me to appropriate documentation?



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