Simplifying lang/pypy(3)

David Naylor dbn at
Sat Jun 27 11:17:02 UTC 2015


lang/pypy was originally set up to achieve:

 * building of multiple pypy instances based on different setting (i.e. with 
or without jit, sandboxing, etc).  The port user could define any permutation 
she desires.  

 * Install in a directory layout more similar to lang/python (i.e. libraries 
in lib/, include files in include/).  

I plan to simplify the port by removing the multi-instance support and using 
the default directory layout of the port.  This will fix issues with 
virtualenv and reduce the learning curve of using/maintaining the port.  

To this end does anyone:
 a) use the multi-instance support?  

 b) depend on the current directory layout?  

Based on feedback I will adapt my plans to simplify.  

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