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Mon Jun 22 22:42:21 UTC 2015

john.haraden--- via freebsd-questions wrote:

> (1). I have a work station with two Xeon processors.
> (2) I have installed FreeBSD 10.1
> (3). I have no internet connection.
> (4)   When I tried to use pkg to make my system fully functional, the
> system declared pkg was not in the base system, I would need to fetch it
> over the Internet.  That is impossible since I do not have internet
> capability.
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Not trying to sound rude here, but can you utilize your iPhone to read the 
appropriate sections of the Handbook that deal with network configuration? 
If not, possibly we may be able to help - depending upon circumstantial 

pkg is not needed to configure networking within the base system, with the 
possible exceptions being some ndis wrapper stuff and other firmwares. iirc 
there is even a place during the installation which allows for most basic 
networking configuration.

Whether or not there is support in the base system will depend upon what 
hardware you are trying to use. If your hardware is not supported by FreeBSD 
at all installing pkg will not fix that.

Bottom line is you more than likely *can* have Internet connectivity with 
what you have currently installed; it just needs to be configured. Then you 
can move on to whatever.


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