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> (1). I have a work station with two Xeon processors.
> (2) I have installed FreeBSD 10.1
> (3). I have no internet connection.
> (4) When I tried to use pkg to make my system fully functional, the
> system declared pkg was not in the base system, I would need to fetch
> it over the Internet.  That is impossible since I do not have internet
> capability.

I forgot to mention in my last reply:

You aren't clear whether you deliberately have no internet connection,
or whether your aim is to connect to the internet by way of installing
pkg. Because pkg won't actually help you connect to the Internet.

Also, for all intents and purposes, once the base system is properly
installed from CD, it is "fully functional". Installing software using
pkg means you are installing software that is not part of FreeBSD.

By the way, it's been some time since I did it, so my memory is foggy,
but the FreeBSD installer itself should've given you the opportunity
to install packages from the installation DVD, which would've
installed pkg.

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