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> (1). I have a work station with two Xeon processors.
> (2) I have installed FreeBSD 10.1
> (3). I have no internet connection.
> (4) When I tried to use pkg to make my system fully functional, the
> system declared pkg was not in the base system, I would need to fetch
> it over the Internet.  That is impossible since I do not have internet
> capability.
> (5)  Is there some other way for me to get pkg?

pkg should be in the "packages" directory on your FreeBSD install DVD.

You can install it with something along the lines of:

mount /cdrom
cd /cdrom/packages/*/All/
pkg add pkg-*.txz

> (6)   Why was something as basic as pkg not included in the base system?
> After all, the system is supposed to be self-contained?

pkg needs to be "bootstrapped" to be able to install other packages. See

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