FreeBSD install.

Quartz quartz at
Sun Jul 12 06:33:24 UTC 2015

> I say yes to the reboot, and instead of rebooting from disk, I
> get the bios messages (Im using a mbr) that say its trying to
> boot from the ethernet.

I think first you need to narrow this down and figure out if this is a 
case where the bios doesn't want to see it, or *can't*. Try messing with 
your boot device order and disable net/PXE booting, rearrange it so the 
HD is first, and/or bring up the 'boot device menu' during boot (usually 
hold F12) and see if you can force it to pick the drive.

> And why isnt the installer smart enough to install to a partition,
> every other OS in existence can do that.

The installer has always been rather primitive honestly. The boot0/boot1 
loaders aren't amazing either. I think your best bet (assuming you want 
to give it another go) is install PC-BSD first with grub and set up and 
format all the partitions with their necessary gpt labels there, then 
boot the FreeBSD installer but drop into the shell mode and manually 
mount your partitions and manually extract all the stuff into them. Then 
add what you need to your grub configs. Here's an old link about doing 
something like this for FreeBSD v8, I think most of it still applies to v10.

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