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Sun Jul 12 08:11:07 UTC 2015

On 07/12/15 06:02, reg at wrote:
> OK, Im confused, or not impressed, choose one.
> I have been trying for several months to put PCBSD 10.1 and FreeBSD 10.1
> on one disk. I finally gave up, and am installing FreeBSD over
> the top of my previous PCBSD. sigh.
> After several attempts to put FreeBSD in a partition on the disk
> I gave up, and let it have the full 500GB disk.  Mumph.
> The install seems to go well, I give it an IP address, hostname,
> etc, and get down to the point where you reboot.
> I say yes to the reboot, and instead of rebooting from disk, I
> get the bios messages (Im using a mbr) that say its trying to
> boot from the ethernet.
> I went back and did this a 2nd time, just to be sure, but got
> the same result.

It would be nice to know what happens if you disable booting from the 
network in the BIOS.

Also, it might be helpful if you tell us a bit more about the hardware 
you are using.

> What gives?
> I dont remember having this sort of problem when I ran FreeBSD
> 20 years ago?

I have seen this happening occasionally the past 20 years, often related 
to specific hardware and not just with FreeBSD. In most cases it could 
be fixed.

> And why isnt the installer smart enough to install to a partition,
> every other OS in existence can do that.

Though I have not attempted to multi-boot for ages, I hear about many 
people still doing this successfully, even from a single disk. FWIW, the 
issues I hear about when attempting multi-boot are mostly related to 
boot managers. Could you be more specific about your issues with the 

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Hans Ottevanger

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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