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Sat Jul 11 14:21:27 UTC 2015

On 07/10/15 04:05, Quartz wrote:
>>>>> 2) How do I get freebsd-update to install only specific patches or
>>>>> updates instead of everything?
>>> Given the integration of base system packages & kernel, I don't think
>>> you would want to do this. This actually sounds kinda .... dare I say it
>>> (?) .... *linuxy* .... ick
>> The main rationale here is that updates can occasionally cause behavior
>> changes which can negatively interact with 3rd party software. If we're
>> trying to test new patches for compatibility issues or we're seeing a
>> bug that seems dependent on patch level, it's kind of a requirement to
>> be able to step though the updates one by one.
> I should clarify: I know it's possible to do this by downloading the
> patch/asc files and doing the whole make/install dance, but that
> requires all the build tools to be installed which is awkward on
> dedicated systems that need a small footprint. What I'm hoping for is a
> way to download the patches in binary form and use some flavor of
> 'freebsd-update install patch_file' instead.
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I think, here is a little understanding problem, what freebsd-update is
doing. When you install Windows and a service pack, you can't stop in
the half of the service pack installation.

freebsd-update make the same thing like windows update, it will install
security updates. The different is, it will only upgrade to a newer
release, when this option is specified.

When you only will update ports and not base system, you should install

"freebsd-update fetch" will show you, what it will change.

I hope, my english is good enough to understand, what i will say.

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