Questions about freebsd-update

Quartz quartz at
Sat Jul 11 08:44:01 UTC 2015

>> I'm still confused here.
>> I was under the impression that if I ever wanted to be able to update
>> the system via patches, I had to leave the 'src' option selected during
>> install. Are you saying that is or is not true?
> It's important that you have /usr/src; _how_ you get it is
> not important. During installation, src.txz will be uncompressed,
> that's _one_ way to do it. SVN checkout is another. And you
> can also use freebsd-update to obtain the "src" component.
> You only need the source tree if you're going to apply patches
> to the source and then recompile the system; the binary update
> method does not require it - but it _can_ be used to keep your
> local source tree current.

.....So...... cycling back to what I was complaining about yesterday, I 
know you can individually patch things with the make/install dance but 
that requires installing a bunch of extra crap, which is annoying on 
semi-embedded systems. I'm still confused as to how we got off on this 
tangent since you don't actually seem to be disagreeing with me, but 

In any event, I take it that there's no way to do anything with 
freebsd-update besides press its single idiot button, so we'll just have 
to continue doing the dance like we've been.

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