Best console hardware monitor pkg?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sat Jul 4 13:27:27 UTC 2015

On 04/07/2015 05:27, Quartz wrote:
> What's the general opinion these days on the "best" utility for
> monitoring all the temperature probes, fan speeds, and other readouts
> from a motherboard? (One that doesn't need X and can be installed
> through pkg).

This depends on exactly what sort of hardware you have.  There are
different monitoring tools depending on your motherboard and processor.

With modern CPUs there is usually an on-die thermal sensor which you can
interrogate by loading a kernel module: see coretemp(4) and amdtemp(4)
-- using these will let you read out CPU temperature using sysctl(1).

Unfortunately access to other monitoring variables is less consistent.
Probably your best bet is if you've a server class motherboard with some
sort of lights-out management capability -- or indeed many other
motherboards nowadays.  In which case you should be able to load the
ipmi(4) kernel module and install ipmitool(8) from ports to be able to
query it.  Using IPMI enables you to get, and possibly set, a lot of the
stuff that's usually only accessible from the system bios, as well as
access to on-board temperature sensors, PSU voltages, chassis intrusion
sensors and fan speeds.  Now, while the tool and the management
interface is common to a lot of different manufacturers, exactly how the
monitoring data is structured is not, so it might take a bit of shell
scripting to massage the data into a usable form.



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