pkg audit finds updates, but pkg upgrade doesn't

John Goerzen jgoerzen at
Mon Feb 16 23:22:33 UTC 2015

Mike Clarke <jmc-freebsd2 <at>> writes:

> xorg-server was modified on Thursday Feb 12th at 19:58:41 to fix this
> vulnerability
> .
> The latest package builds started on Wednesday 11th
> <> and
> <>. It looks like they all
> used snapshots from before the new version was available except for
> 84i386-default and 84amd64-default. The next package build should start
> in a couple of days time on Wednesday 18th.

Ah, ok, so packages are built once a week then?  What do people do when they
want their security updates faster, if they were using packages instead of
ports primarily?  I suppose one could install the port, but then wouldn't
that typically pull in a lot of development dependencies that might not
otherwise have been needed on a system?

In my particular case, I do have /usr/ports installed but didn't use it for
this.  I'm not super-worried about this particular issue, but in general,
what's the right way to proceed?



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