Base gpart vs. sysutils/gpart

Quartz quartz at
Wed Aug 5 05:00:34 UTC 2015

> So I guess we're talking about this tool then (quoting from
>      A port of a tool which tries to guess the primary partition
>      table of a PC-type hard disk [...]
>      WWW: (outdated)
> That's completely different from what FreeBSD's own gpart does.
> Just because two tools happen to share the same name doesn't
> necessarily mean that they'll also do the same thing.

I had to triple check this to confirm, but you're right. I swear up and 
down I've used versions of linux that had the gpart from FreeBSD, but 
apparently Gparted Live isn't one of them (assuming they even exist). 
When I wrote those emails, I had quickly booted a VM off Gparted and 
double checked that there was a gpart command that printed out a bunch 
of disk-related stuff (while not really paying attention to exactly what 
the output was because I thought I already knew) and then quickly 
glanced at [] to cross check it was 
the same version, because I assumed that the wikipedia page on gpart 
would refer to the modern FreeBSD version everybody uses and not the 
ancient linux one. A side effect of wikipedia's constant warning boxes 
at the top of every page is that I subconsciously skip over them 
completely, and therefore missed the line above it.

One of the big problems with being wrong is that it feels an awful lot 
like when you're right.

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