USB stick and some help with it. [SOLVED] The usb stick is in the trash now.

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Aug 5 00:44:29 UTC 2015

On Tue, 4 Aug 2015, Quartz wrote:

>> I thought GParted live was based around parted.
> It is, but I mistakenly thought that [lib]parted was in turn based off of 
> gpart (it's not).
>> Okay. Can you point me to a man page or utility distribution with that
>> version of gpart for Linux?
> Gparted Live:
> gpart v0.2.1 (c) 1999-2001 Michail Brzitwa <michail at>

That is the old utility I found (2001).  A Linux version of FreeBSD's 
gpart would be really nice, but unlikely.

> It also has gdisk and sgdisk, which can be slightly more useful in some 
> situations. When it comes to 'flatlining' a drive, I usually use sgdisk since 
> the -Z option will blow away all partition schemes and backup headers in one 
> shot (mbr+gpt+whatever).

gpart will do this also, with "destroy -F".  And gpart handles other 
partitioning schemes in addition to MBR and GPT, including BSD labels 
that many other partition tools do not recognize but are often found on 
FreeBSD systems.

This whole discussion prompted me to upgrade my PXE-boot GParted.  It 
still does not quite do what I want, but can be useful.

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