Base gpart vs. sysutils/gpart

Steve Burton steve at
Tue Aug 4 20:07:19 UTC 2015

On 04/08/2015 20:32, Patrick Hess wrote:
> Quartz wrote:
>>> Okay. Can you point me to a man page or utility distribution
>>> with that version of gpart for Linux?
>> Gparted Live:
>> gpart v0.2.1 (c) 1999-2001 Michail Brzitwa <michail at>
> So I guess we're talking about this tool then (quoting from
>      A port of a tool which tries to guess the primary partition
>      table of a PC-type hard disk [...]
>      WWW: (outdated)
> That's completely different from what FreeBSD's own gpart does.
> Just because two tools happen to share the same name doesn't
> necessarily mean that they'll also do the same thing.
> Patrick
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As a case in point, typing 'killall httpd' on a FreeBSD or Linux box 
doesn't give the same result as typing it on a Solaris box, as I found 
out all by myself ...


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