Install to a Partition problems.

Dutch Ingraham stoa at
Sat Apr 25 21:22:00 UTC 2015

On 04/25/15 17:02, reg at wrote:
> I would like to thank the numerous people that responded to
> my question, they answered various questions, but not the
> one I asked,
> How do I get FreeBSD to install to the 2nd partition of a 
> MBR partitioned disk.  The first partition has PCBSD on
> it if this is a complication.  
> I see nowhere where I can choose a partition (ok slice), and
> the Installer always shows me that it it going to overwrite
> my partiation/slice 1.

I have dual-boot setup like you are looking for, except I installed
FreeBSD 10.0 on an unused portion of a disk that contains an
OEM-installed Windows Vista OS.

I followed this thread:

I recall (this was about a year ago and the system is still up and
running perfectly) having some issues parsing the language of the
instructions; I had to discard some of my Linux concepts of definitions
and be strict in understanding how FreeBSD defines things somewhat
differently, but the install instructions worked for me.

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