CPU temperature rise after upgrade

Joseph Mingrone jrm at ftfl.ca
Fri Apr 24 04:03:20 UTC 2015

After upgrading to 10-STABLE (r281907) the baseline CPU temperature on
my Lenovo X220 has jumped by about 30 degrees Celsius.  Before today I
was also running 10-STABLE, but from a few months ago, and the
temperature usually remained in the 50s C unless I was compiling or
doing something else CPU intensive.  Now, the CPU starts at a normal
temperature range, but after a few minutes in Xorg, it starts to jump
into the 80s or 90s C and stays there even with the idle CPU percent
something like 99.7%.  Running top doesn't show anything out of the
ordinary.  The fans sound like they are fine.  They are spinning loudly
even when the CPU is throttled down to a low frequency.  The only
possible hint I can see is this message that appears periodically on the

error:[drm:pid1029:gen6_sanitize_pm] *ERROR* Power management
discrepancy: GEN6_RP_INTERRUPT_LIMITS expected 1a0d000, was 0000000.

I'm not sure if I've seen that on the console before the upgrade.
Graphics performance doesn't seem any different than before.

Thanks for any hints,

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