pkg upgrade not working properly [was: pkgng messed up]

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed May 21 07:21:28 UTC 2014

On 21/05/2014 07:53, Nagy László Zsolt wrote:
> Running "pkg upgrade -y "  on  9.2-RELEASE gives lots of warning
> messages, but does not try to upgrade anything. If I understand
> correctly, warnings are just warnings. They should not prevent the
> upgrade. But then why it is not doing anything?

It's doing all the planning stage of the upgrade, and then the package
fetching part -- at which point it has access to the details of all the
files that would be affected, and it can detect the conflicts between
the perl and postgresql packages you have installed and the default
versions the packages on are compiled against.

At this point it decides operator intervention is required, and gives
up.  pkg-1.3 has now grown the ability to deinstall a conflicting
package in order to replace it with a different version, so it should be
able to proceed in more cases, but given you've installed
postgresql93-client I'm pretty sure you'ld be disappointed if that was
automatically downgraded to postgresql90.

Essentially, if you want other than the default versions of perl,
postgresql etc. then you're going to have to compile any packages in
those dependency trees yourself.  <Obligatory mention of poudriere goes



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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