pkg upgrade not working properly [was: pkgng messed up]

Nagy László Zsolt gandalf at
Wed May 21 16:29:58 UTC 2014

2014.05.21. 9:21, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On 21/05/2014 07:53, Nagy László Zsolt wrote:
>> Running "pkg upgrade -y "  on  9.2-RELEASE gives lots of warning
>> messages, but does not try to upgrade anything. If I understand
>> correctly, warnings are just warnings. They should not prevent the
>> upgrade. But then why it is not doing anything?
> It's doing all the planning stage of the upgrade, and then the package
> fetching part -- at which point it has access to the details of all the
> files that would be affected, and it can detect the conflicts between
> the perl and postgresql packages you have installed and the default
> versions the packages on are compiled against.
> At this point it decides operator intervention is required, and gives
> up.

If it gives up, then shouldn't it also give an error message? A warning 
is not an error. What am I supposed to do? I still don't know how to do 
the upgrade.

> pkg-1.3 has now grown the ability to deinstall a conflicting
> package in order to replace it with a different version, so it should be
> able to proceed in more cases, but given you've installed
> postgresql93-client I'm pretty sure you'ld be disappointed if that was
> automatically downgraded to postgresql90.
I definitely don't want to downgrade postgresql. Why would I have to?

> Essentially, if you want other than the default versions of perl,
> postgresql etc. then you're going to have to compile any packages in
> those dependency trees yourself.  <Obligatory mention of poudriere goes
> here.>
I would be very happy to update every package to the current version. But how do I do that?


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