pkg upgrade not working properly [was: pkgng messed up]

Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed May 21 07:20:28 UTC 2014

Nagy L?szl? Zsolt wrote:
> Running "pkg upgrade -y "  on  9.2-RELEASE gives lots of warning 
> messages, but does not try to upgrade anything. If I understand 
> correctly, warnings are just warnings. They should not prevent the 
> upgrade. But then why it is not doing anything?
> Details below.
> root at backup:~ # pkg upgrade -y | & more
> Updating repository catalogue
> Upgrades have been requested for the following 298 packages:
>          Installing xf86vidmodeproto: 2.3.1
>          Installing dri2proto: 2.8
>          Installing pciids: 20140502
>          Installing perl5: 5.16.3_9
>          Installing giflib-nox11: 4.2.3_2
>          <... many more packages here ...>

On a side note, are you not surprised that an upgrade operation is
trying to install so many additional packages? 

Please look up the thread with the topic "Is pkgng dependency solver

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