oops - ran 2nd "freebsd-update install" before rebuilding ports [SOLVED]

Dale Scott dalescott at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 24 18:22:55 UTC 2014

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> On 02/24/14 15:18, Dale Scott wrote:
> > After going through one upgrade to 10.0-RELEASE from 9.x, I got cocky
> > and started working on two upgrades from 8.3 to 9.0-RELEASE at the
> > same time. I forgot which system I was ssh'd into and ran
> > "freebsd-update install" for the 2nd time on one system before
> > rebuilding all the ports, and even pkg won't run now as the libutil version it's
> > linked to no longer exists.
> >  ...
> You should still be able to use pkg_static -- which is, as the name suggests,
> statically linked.
> Start by:
>     # pkg_static install -f pkg
> which should replace your pkg(8) with one compiled for the version of the OS
> you're running.  10.x comes with /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf pointing at the default
> FreeBSD package mirrors, which is a good place to get a pkg package...
> You can then work through reinstalling all your ports by whatever means you
> initially intended.  Generally it's best to make a note of wat you want installed,
> clear down all your installed packages, making backups of any config files as
> necessary, and then start again with an empty /usr/local.  Of course, this
> implies a bit of service downtime while you do the reinstalling job, but that's
> hard to avoid in a major version upgrade however you do it.  (And you said you
> didn't really mind anyhow...)
> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew

Thanks Matthew! The only glitch was "pkg-static" (not pkg_static). 

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