Install package inside a no-networked jail from outside

Alberto Mijares amijaresp at
Mon Dec 1 03:22:50 UTC 2014

> You have to provide greater details when posting.
> This sentence is very vague."I'd like to install packages from outside using
> pkg"
> Just what do you mean by "outside"? From the HOST??? What?.

Yes, I mean "from the host".

> You could aways host fetch the packages you want to install and put them in
> a directory inside of the jail directory tree
> and them exec pkg pointing to location packages were fetched to, or if the
> packages you want are on the freebsd install disk1,
> then exec pkg  command inside of jail pointing to install cd.

This was my first approach; however, you need to bootstrap pkg and
AFAIK this is not possible without networking. BTW, I think pkg should
be installed by default now.

> A jail without network is pretty much useless.

No. It's very useful to me, indeed. If you can't see a case of use it
doesn't mean it's useless. If you need more details for providing more
ideas just let me know.


Alberto Mijares

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