Recreating the FreeBSD Installation Disks

Roland Smith rsmith at
Thu Aug 28 17:38:45 UTC 2014

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 09:46:00AM -0500, Martin G. McCormick wrote:
> Roland Smith writes:
> > Looking at the mkisofs manpage, it *should* detect hard links by default. 
> > Does
> > using the `-cache-inodes` option make any difference?
> I tried explicitly -no-cache-inodes and then -cache-inodes and
> the two files vary by about 15 bytes. It looks like the hard
> links are lost in the mounting process which means that one can
> not use that as a test after all.

There is nothing in the md or mdconfig manual pages about hard links. So it
looks like you're right.

To test it, you could use `ls -i` on two files in the mounted CD-ROM image
that you suspect should be hard-linked. E.g. ${CD}/bin/[ and ${CD}/bin/test.
If they don't return the same inode number md(4) does not provide hard links.

> There is that version of tar as in tar-3.1.2 which I can't seem
> to locate anywhere although the version may be at a higher
> number by now.
> 	How did you get it? I've not found anything for tar on
> FreeBSD except for gnutar and that does not process iso9660
> images.

tar 3.1.2 is the version included in FreeBSD 10. Since libarchive and cpio have
the same version, I assume they belong together.

What you could try is copy /usr/src/contrib/libarchive/ from 10.0 in to your
9.1 source tree and see if you can build it on 9.1.

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