Recreating the FreeBSD Installation Disks

Martin G. McCormick martin at
Thu Aug 28 15:36:13 UTC 2014

Ian Smith writes:
> As I recall reading (only in passing, sorry) you wanted to do a shuffle
> using a linux box to make a memstick? and had problems with (some)tar?

	Yes. I needed a headless installation medium to build a
new FreeBSD server. The FreeBSD system had no direct usb access
so I did all the work there and then used the Linux box to
actually transfer the new image to a thumb drive. The image did
not boot so I fell back to trying to make that same headless
installation medium with a CDROM. Apparently, BSDtar which does
understand ISO9660 images has some problem that makes it refuse
to process a large number of files on the ISO image.
	In summary, the process worked flawlessly on the
memstick to create it but the image won't boot on anything we
tried it on. With the older custom CDROM method, BSDtar simply
won't work the way the FreeBSD Handbook chapter tells you to use it.
	There seem to be no work-arounds so far.
	My preference of method is the memstick since the
creation process is less time-consuming. Why the image wouldn't
boot is a mystery since all I had to do was to add loader.conf
to /boot for a serial console. Nothing else needed to be
touched. Some times, the simplest tasks can just stop one cold.


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