Recreating the FreeBSD Installation Disks

Martin G. McCormick martin at
Thu Aug 28 14:46:07 UTC 2014

Roland Smith writes:
> Looking at the mkisofs manpage, it *should* detect hard links by default. 
> Does
> using the `-cache-inodes` option make any difference?

I tried explicitly -no-cache-inodes and then -cache-inodes and
the two files vary by about 15 bytes. It looks like the hard
links are lost in the mounting process which means that one can
not use that as a test after all.
There is that version of tar as in tar-3.1.2 which I can't seem
to locate anywhere although the version may be at a higher
number by now.
	How did you get it? I've not found anything for tar on
FreeBSD except for gnutar and that does not process iso9660
	The version of tar one gets by default on 3.9 systems
appears to be 2.8.5 with the same version number for the
libraries. Thanks.


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