sftp bug?

Jos Chrispijn kernel at webrz.net
Thu Aug 14 10:55:43 UTC 2014

   Problem solved - made a stupid assumption regarding shell commands.
   Instead of using .login, I put commands in .csh which caused output.
   And this cannot be the case with openssh/sftp:
   BR, Jos Chrispijn


Can I bypass this in a configuration file?

The (unsafe) FTP program (ftp) accesses a file called
~/.netrc (see "man ftp" for details), surely sftp can
do the same. In this file, passwords can be stored.
But keep in mind: Those passwords are in _clear text_
inside this file, so make sure permissions are tight!

By completely avoiding passwords and instead relying on
keys the problem could probably be cured. So no password
has to be stored as plain text in a regular file.


   1. http://marc.info/?l=openssh-bugs&m=106564883001263&w=1

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