sftp bug?

Jos Chrispijn jos at webrz.net
Wed Aug 6 11:48:54 UTC 2014

> Maybe an issue related to keyboard layout? The '?' is a
> valid character for a password like everyone else. :-)

That is exactly what I thought!

> Question: Is the password supplied with a command line?

I have created a putty session and work in that session from the command 
All login's work, except if I use sftp - then password is not recognized 
as being valid. What I then tried is using a password that doesn't have 
this '?' and that works perfectly.

I do use the sftp commandline, but without the password option (which I 
try to add after I get asked for it by sftp).

> In this case, it might be that the shell is trying to
> evaluate this special character:
> 	% sftp bob:my?password at ftp.example.com
> would be such a case. You could try using \? or maybe
> enclosing the password in 'single' quotes (to tell the
> shell not to try to interpret _anything_ in this string).

What I could imagine is that putty does something with it...

BR, Jos Chrispijn

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