FreeBSD 10 USB3/Vantec NexStar HX4R

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On Apr 27, 2014, at 6:42 PM, Richard L. Houston <rhouston at> wrote:

> Thanks Chris but the issue is I can not see the disks on FreeBSD at all. All I get is the error I posted in the original message. My point about seeing the zpool on Linux was that the enclosure is working fine. Apologies if I was not clear that the disk were not accessible on FreeBSD. I thought that was evident from the error. Again sorry for the confusion. My fault for not being clear on the issue. 

Ah, my bad. I was assuming you had the error after attempting to mount the drives. Since I’ve had this enclosure with drives working just fine (over USB2 or eSATA) on 10.0-RELEASE, I could only assume that it’s either a formatting issue that is not working with the FreeBSD ZFS implementation (unsure if this would be a concern; admittedly I’m not familiar with the inner workings and possible FS differences from Linux or Solaris), or an issue with the enclosure vs your USB controller (unlikely?).

You might have success zeroing the drives via linux first, or even let the enclosure format them with the built-in switches and see if you can get a single RAID volume going first (make sure to hit the reset button after changing switches and powering on), just to find which step in the process is disallowing the drives from showing up. From there, testing with individual drives, connect them without the enclosure if you’ve got a drive sled handy, etc. I suppose I’m not much more help here except verifying that it works for me… I have it connected to a fit-pc2i via USB2 currently (Atom Z530, Intel US15W Chipset (Poulsbo)). 

Good luck!

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