FreeBSD 10 USB3/Vantec NexStar HX4R

Polytropon freebsd at
Mon Apr 28 02:04:21 UTC 2014

On Sun, 27 Apr 2014 20:42:24 -0500 (CDT), Richard L. Houston wrote:
> Thanks Chris but the issue is I can not see the disks on FreeBSD
> at all. All I get is the error I posted in the original message.

This is to be expected from the error messages you presented.
The device itself is recognized and identified correctly, the
ugen driver picks it up and assigns the device to the "USB mass
storage" class. The umass driver tries to query it - and fails.
The device is _not_ reported as being ready. The next step which
is missing is the direct access driver da picking up the disks
in the enclosure (usually da0 - da3 if this is your only USB
storage). Only _after_ this step, you would be able to access
the ZFS content.

First, the error "Get Max Lun not supported ( USB _ERR_TIMEOUT)"
is printed. The device does not properly return how many logical
devices it has, and this is probably due to a timeout issue.

What does "camcontrol devlist" report?

Maybe it's worth testing if re-attaching the (connected) enclosure
with the proper camcontrol command works. In few cases, this can
make "abnormal" USB devices work. See "man camcontrol" for the
correct invoking parameters.

> My point about seeing the zpool on Linux was that the enclosure
> is working fine. Apologies if I was not clear that the disk were
> not accessible on FreeBSD . I thought that was evident from the
> error.

At the moment, you're having a USB error. You're not having
a ZFS error (yet). :-)

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