FBSD10 Atheros wifi not working

Da Rock freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Mon Apr 14 01:07:45 UTC 2014

The subject line may not be very descriptive, but I'm not sure exactly 
where to point as to the problem. All other similar issues are a few 
years old now, and on 8,9, some 7's.

Long story short I'm just installing 10 (finally) on my laptop, and I 
need to get it back up and running asap as I am swamped in work. I 
didn't think it would be an issue as 9 had a decent working ath driver 
and I thought it could only get better. I'm now emailing using yet 
another system with the same device on 9, but a dying hdd which 
obviously also needs a reinstall on new hdd. Wired is no good as we 
aren't equipped.

So in bsdinstall, all works well and it sets up wifi easily. Reboot into 
the new system an it has a coronary with messages from 
ath_reset_grablock, ath_reset, ath_raw_xmit, ath_chan_set, 

ath_reset: concurrent reset! danger!

ath_reset_grablock: didn't finish after 10 iterations
ath_reset_grablock: warning, recursive reset path!

ath_chan_set: concurrent reset! danger!

ath_raw_xmit: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; bailing

ath_legacy_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; bailing

Scanning doesn't work; ath0 says it is associated, but wlan0 says no 

I've set dev.ath.0.hal.debug=1, but there is no ath.0.debug either under 
dev or hw. I tried compiling the tools but it failed for lack of gcc.

TIA guys, but I am really under the pump here as I thought this would be 
a quick up and go now with the pkgng system as well in play. Now I'm up 
the proverbial creek without a paddle.


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