numerous questions: ssh and jails, installation with YASR support, migration, and development

Dave B g8kbvdave at
Mon Apr 14 13:11:35 UTC 2014

> Hello all:
> I had a few questions. I'm sorry for the long email, but I wanted to
> lump them all together so I wasn't sending 90 emails.
> 1) I have a bunch of different jails configured on my BSD system.
> right now I have PF doing RDR from port 30000+ to the port on the
> internal jail IP. Obviously having 90 different ssh ports is a bit
> messy, is there a way around this? Can I somehow set up SSH on the
> host to let me log into the jail provided a username and password? 


> Thanks in advance for the help,
> -- 
> Take care,
> Ty


I only know qjail (I'm running on 9.2 release) with that setup you can...

SSH into the main host in the usual way, then
# su - root     (& enter the realy serious password etc.)

# qjail console ~jailname~

Where ~jailname~ is the name of the target jail..   And you're in, as though you 
SSH'd there to it's IP address as it's root..

^d (Ctrl+D) gets you out of there when done, returning you to the host root 

Again (I only know QJail, I think other jail topologies allow the same or similar) 
you can login to the main host, and as root, navigate to the jail directories to 
examine logfiles and so on.  In essance to "reach into a jail" from the host.   
(Obviously, care is needed, if you ever suspect any "funny business" has been 
going on!)


Dave B.

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