FBSD10 Atheros wifi not working

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Mon Apr 14 03:57:46 UTC 2014


You never said exactly what hardware it is Can you include a dmesg of
the relevant bits during boot?

Anything like the above kinda indicates there's some bigger issue going on.


On 13 April 2014 17:59, Da Rock
<freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au> wrote:
> The subject line may not be very descriptive, but I'm not sure exactly where
> to point as to the problem. All other similar issues are a few years old
> now, and on 8,9, some 7's.
> Long story short I'm just installing 10 (finally) on my laptop, and I need
> to get it back up and running asap as I am swamped in work. I didn't think
> it would be an issue as 9 had a decent working ath driver and I thought it
> could only get better. I'm now emailing using yet another system with the
> same device on 9, but a dying hdd which obviously also needs a reinstall on
> new hdd. Wired is no good as we aren't equipped.
> So in bsdinstall, all works well and it sets up wifi easily. Reboot into the
> new system an it has a coronary with messages from ath_reset_grablock,
> ath_reset, ath_raw_xmit, ath_chan_set, ath_legacy_rx_tasklet:
> ath_reset: concurrent reset! danger!
> ath_reset_grablock: didn't finish after 10 iterations
> ath_reset_grablock: warning, recursive reset path!
> ath_chan_set: concurrent reset! danger!
> ath_raw_xmit: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; bailing
> ath_legacy_rx_tasklet: sc_inreset_cnt > 0; bailing
> Scanning doesn't work; ath0 says it is associated, but wlan0 says no
> channel.
> I've set dev.ath.0.hal.debug=1, but there is no ath.0.debug either under dev
> or hw. I tried compiling the tools but it failed for lack of gcc.
> TIA guys, but I am really under the pump here as I thought this would be a
> quick up and go now with the pkgng system as well in play. Now I'm up the
> proverbial creek without a paddle.
> Cheers
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