Spam control (was: Let People Find You in Google!)

Graham Todd gct7photography at
Sun Sep 8 08:13:37 UTC 2013

>There has indeed been a higher spam:ham ratio on this list of late, 
>however making it subscriber-only won't help. The crims need only
>spoof the address of someone subscribed to the list to bypass that,
>and I suspect a few spammers have registered using false addresses
>anyway (leading to a bounce to anyone posting).
>Piping it through Spamassassin as it arrives at, 
>although this isn't so effective against people using freemail
>accounts. Closing down irresponsibly run freemail operators would be a
>big help, but it's not going to happen.
>If anyone wants to discuss this OFF LIST, I'm up for it.
>Regards, Frank.

Count me in!

++ Graham Todd
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