Let People Find You in Google!

Graham Todd gct7photography at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 08:11:37 UTC 2013

> Isn't this pure SPAM?  

>Why yes it is. Would you prefer it mixed with non-spam to make it more

Now, Now, I never expected to see sarcasm on this list....:-)

As far as I remember, this post wasn't the only incidence of SPAM that
day, and so I'd have to agree with you.  Until the Mods find a way to
filter most spam (the list will perhaps forgive the odd oversight),
people will call for more and more draconian measures that will not be
really effective.

One way is to make the list a members list where the members have to
agree to a Code of Conduct or the Mods COULD bar them from
participating, but it not the only way....  Lets have a non-heated
debate about ways to reduce SPAM on the list in order to get some
consensus, then put any proposal to all the existing list members.

In other words, lets have some democracy when dealing with these thorny

++ Graham Todd
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