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On Tue, 19 Nov 2013 16:08:51 -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Anybody know how I would create the symbols (using "S" and "lim")
> 	to convey:
> 	int from {X} to {Y}
> 	lim as X approaches infinity  
> 	??
> 	note that the "S" is the integral symbol.  I dont know what text
> 	to write for the "limit" part.

Even though it would probably be much easier to do that kind
of typesetting in LaTeX (because word processors have shown
that they are a terrible tool for scientific writing, or for
writing in general) and then export the result as EPS (or
make a screenshot and export that to PNG and include it as
an image), here's what I've tried:

Menu: Insert -> Object -> Formula (starts the formula editor)
Select the "Sigma a" category (operators)
Select S x (integral x)
Select Sigma a=... b=... (lower and upper boundary)
Enter "x" and "y" accordingly
After the integral, enter the word "lim"
Select Sigma a=... (lower boundary)
Enter "x"
Select the "a speechbubble" category (others)
Select the right-pointing arrow
Select the infinity symbol (first one in this category)

Note that the menu entries are translated. I'm using the german
version of OpenOffice here, so the english captions might be
a bit different.

The formula which is the result of this terribly complicated
process is:

int from{x} to{y} lim from{x rightarrow infinity} <?>

The <?> will be replaced by whatever follows.

Maybe you could simply copy'n'paste this formula into the formula
editor's lower window ("programming window") and start further
editing from that, I think that's much easier than the clicking
orgy described above.

You should get something like this:

	 |   lim
	/   x -> oo

There's an alternative, much worse: Use Insert -> Special character
and create the required text by "microformatting". It's dirty and
will take much longer, and any change is complicated.

Maybe this page can be helpful:

As I said, LaTeX's $\int_x^y \lim_{x \to \infty}$ is easier. :-)

Helpful page:

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