math "formulae" using libreoffice

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Wed Nov 20 00:10:20 UTC 2013

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	a bit OT; I'll explain  if anybody is curious.

	whoever can answer this is a wizard of creating mathematical
	symbol in the "formula" section of openoffice/libreoffice.  
	my  shoulder is really getting too sore for more trial/error.

	Anybody know how I would create the symbols (using "S" and "lim")
	to convey:

	int from {X} to {Y}
	lim as X approaches infinity  


	note that the "S" is the integral symbol.  I dont know what text
	to write for the "limit" part.



	PS:  in my 6 or so  undergrad math courses I used an electric
	typewriter with something that must have driven the TA's nuts:

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