Problem with wireless router inaccessibility

Will Parsons varro at nodomain.invalid
Tue Nov 12 22:31:21 UTC 2013

Thomas Mueller wrote:
> from Will Parsons and my previous post:
>> > Did you regain login access to the router?
>> As I said, I temporarily set a static IP address in /etc/rc.conf:
>>   defaultrouter=""
>>   ifconfig_re0=" netmask"
> But would the router respond on

Well, it will if its IP address is  (That's what I set
*mine* to; I don't know about yours.)

> Could you do this at command prompt as opposed to /etc/rc.conf?

Yes, using suitable invocations of the ifconfig(8) and route(8)
commands.  Check the man pages.

>> But, if I understand you, you can reach the router (e.g., via ping),
>> but if you attempt to go to (or whatever), you
>> don't get a login screen?
> I get a login screen from the bedroom computer using System Rescue
> CD 3.6.0 and Midori web browser, but not from living-room computer.

Bedroom computer is via Ethernet, right?  So you have a login screen
but it won't accept your login name and password?  If so, you need to
supply correct credentials, even if that means setting the router back
to factory defaults.

Thw problem with the living-room computer (connected via wireless, I
assume?) may be that by default you can't log in remotely.  You can
change that configuration option, but you have to be able to log in
via the Ethernet first.


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