Problem with wireless router inaccessibility

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Tue Nov 12 10:19:02 UTC 2013

from Will Parsons and my previous post:

> > Did you regain login access to the router?
> As I said, I temporarily set a static IP address in /etc/rc.conf:
>   defaultrouter=""
>   ifconfig_re0=" netmask"

But would the router respond on

Could you do this at command prompt as opposed to /etc/rc.conf?

> But, if I understand you, you can reach the router (e.g., via ping),
> but if you attempt to go to (or whatever), you
> don't get a login screen?

I get a login screen from the bedroom computer using System Rescue CD 3.6.0 and Midori web browser, but not from living-room computer.

> > How do you regain login access to the router if you change its IP
> > address and then forget what you changed it to?
> > I guess the pin-through-a-hole reset would get you back.

> If you've forgotten what IP address you assigned it, resetting to
> factory defaults is the logical solution.  (Might be a good idea to
> keep a log book in the future when you make configuration changes.)

A log book or paper is good to keep router login password, IP address if changed, also wireless network name and password or PSK.
> Will


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