Problem with wireless router inaccessibility

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Mon Nov 11 09:56:39 UTC 2013

from Warren Block and my original post:

> > I can still access the Internet and browse from FreeBSD on living-room computer, but can't log in to the router.

> > I'm afraid to reboot for fear that I could never regain Internet access.
> At worst, replacing the router should fix it.
> > It's possible that rebooting could resolve the problem, but there is the risk of not being able to get back in.

> > I don't know if the wireless router is going bad, or if its IP address ( has changed.
> It can't be that, because one computer can still use it as a gateway
> to get to the net.
> > I could order a new router online while I still have Internet access.

> > Now I'm trying to decide whether the router is going bad or if FreeBSD stumbled on itself.
> Run ifconfig on the working computer to see the IP address it was
> assigned by DHCP, and compare that to the not-working systems.

> Consumer-grade routers frequently have poor firmware and need
> relatively frequent resets.  Some also have poor power supplies that
> are prone to failure.  Replacing the firmware with DD-WRT or Tomato
> makes for a much more reliable unit.  Power supply testing can be done
> by swapping with another unit.

> My experience with the Netgear consumer wireless routers has not been
> great.  If you can find one, the good old WRT54G is still an excellent
> unit.  These are often available at thrift stores and yard sales.
Now with FreeBSD 9.2_STABLE not rebooted on living-room computer, I can log in to router from bedroom computer with
using System Rescue CD with Midori web browser, but I still can't access the Internet from there.

But from living-room computer, I can't access at all as I did before.

Maybe FreeBSD stumbled over itself and changed IP addresses?

/etc/resolv.conf shows

# Generated by resolvconf

/var/log/messages showed, amid a whole lot of pulseaudio error messages,

New router (re0)
New IP address (re0)
New subnet mask (re0)
New Broadcast Address (re0)

but I can't log in to router from living-room computer either at, or .

So FreeBSD might have corrupted something that hopefully would be resolved on reboot.

I did reset the router with the pin-through-a-hole, also powered off and a minute later back on, but that didn't resolve anything.

from Will Parsons:

> Are you sure it's  I have a Netgear router, and the
> manual falsely claims that that address is the default IP address, but
> I'm pretty sure that the real default was (can't be sure for
> certain, since I've since changed it).
> This may be not relevant to your situation, but I recently had a
> problem in that I disabled the option on the router to serve as a DHCP
> server (for reasons that I will not go into), and found that I could
> no longer reach the router, even via Ethernet.  (Solution was to set a
> static IP address and default route in /etc/rc.conf.)

Did you regain login access to the router?

How do you regain login access to the router if you change its IP address and then forget what you changed it to?

I guess the pin-through-a-hole reset would get you back.

I have some things to do that I don't want to disrupt before rebooting living-room computer.


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