mutt and http//url???

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Sat Mar 23 00:40:27 UTC 2013

>> On Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:36:15 -0700, 
>> Gary Kline <kline at> said:

G> in the past couple years i've sub'd to the nytimes and other places
G> where the http string is several dozens of bytes.  in my mutt at least,
G> there are "+" marks embedded at the beginning of each new lines.  so
G> that when i mouse lick on the url,

   Don't lick your mouse.  That's gross.

G> i almost invariably get either Nothing from my browswer, or the wrong
G> page.

   You might want to try urlview, bound to Ctrl-B in mutt by default.  It's a
   screen-oriented program for extracting URLs from text files, putting
   them in a menu, and letting you run a command to view a specific item.

   If you're on a FreeBSD system, it's in /usr/ports/textproc/urlview.

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