mutt and http//url???

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Sat Mar 23 00:20:14 UTC 2013

On Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:36:15 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	in the past couple years i've sub'd to the nytimes and other places
> 	where the http string is several dozens of bytes.  in my mutt 
> 	at least, there are "+" marks embedded at the beginning of each
> 	new lines.  so that when i mouse lick on the url, i almost 
> 	invariably get  either Nothing from my browswer, or the wrong 
> 	page.

That's to be expected. A URL covering several lines _can_ be
copied (selected) when the line wrap is "uninterrupted". It
will even work for double- or triple-click (select word, select
line) with the normal edit buffer (left swipe to select, in
Firefox middle click or mousewheel press to go to URL). As the
'+' character will be part of the wrapped URL (which can span
several lines), the URL will be wrong, as you've seen.

> 	i've googled for days.  zero.  im finally asking the top list
> 	on the web.   can anybody clue me in?  i'm  using linux/gnome/mutt.
> 	but it shouldnt make any difference. [?!]

If I remember correctly, there's a way to disable the line break
emphasizer ('+' character) in the display. Have you tried

	set markers=no

in your ~/.muttrc? Or was it

	unset markers

Something with "markers"... I'm not fully sure if this is the
setting you're searching for, but go ahead and try it.

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