mutt and http//url???

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Mar 22 21:37:53 UTC 2013


	==many== yeears ago when i was running Only FBSD, I  asked
	this list how i could use mutt when somebody included an; and i got replies that worked.  --sseems 
	like the url string got moved to the end and clicking on the 
	string exec'd firefox.   

	in the past couple years i've sub'd to the nytimes and other places
	where the http string is several dozens of bytes.  in my mutt 
	at least, there are "+" marks embedded at the beginning of each
	new lines.  so that when i mouse lick on the url, i almost 
	invariably get  either Nothing from my browswer, or the wrong 

	i've googled for days.  zero.  im finally asking the top list
	on the web.   can anybody clue me in?  i'm  using linux/gnome/mutt.
	but it shouldnt make any difference. [?!]

	tia, everybody,


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