Kernel Panic - Unix socket communication in kernel module

varanasi sainath varanasisai at
Mon Jul 29 07:31:51 UTC 2013


I am writing a kernel module in which I am trying to connect to a UNIX
(UNIX domain sockets use the file system as their address name space).
Kernel module (loadable) acts as a client and User mode program acts as
I have loaded the module using kldload and communication between
user and kernel module works fine,
when I try to load the kernel module from loader.conf -
auto load the kernel module at boot up leads to kernel panic
as the file system is not ready and kern_connect fails.

How to notify kernel module that File system is ready?
(any specific event flags)

Is there any specific location for Unix domain socket files?
(currently created it under /root/soc/socket )

Using "MODULE_DEPEND" Can I make the module dependent of file system?



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