sleepycat db VS MySQL or postgres

Kevin Wilcox kevin.wilcox at
Mon Jul 1 20:59:00 UTC 2013

On 1 July 2013 16:28, Jim Pazarena <fquest at> wrote:

> I could move to db5 or db6 OR MySQL, or even postgres.


> I have no experience with the c interface for postgres or mysql, but
> also, do not know how much the c interface has changed for sleepycat
> 5/6 compared to the c interface for db3, which I understand quite well.
> So I am prepared for a learning curve irrespective of which platform
> I select. Records do not exceed much more than 10-20,000, with key sizes
> not much wider than 16 bytes (ipv4), 13 (mac), 32 (ipv6). And various
> smaller key sizes.
> Suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Jim - ultimately I'd recommend deciding which of the three you WANT to
learn and then use it.

I know nothing about db* but I use both MySQL and PostGreSQL on a
regular basis. I like them both. I prefer the licence used by
PostGreSQL, I prefer the PostGreSQL replication but I use whichever
suits my needs. Some people are fanatical about one or the other, I
say pick whichever you're more interested in and learn how to use it.


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