sleepycat db VS MySQL or postgres

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at
Mon Jul 1 21:28:43 UTC 2013

On 07/01/2013 01:28 PM, Jim Pazarena wrote:
> I have a rather extensive series of databases created and in use all
> with the very old sleepycat db3. I believe in the addage "don't fix
> what ain't broken", but in the case of db3, it IS broken and my db
> files get corrupted on occasion.
> I could move to db5 or db6 OR MySQL, or even postgres.
> I use simple primary key files, most entries are added from a CLI
> or termcap/curses screen. Some programatically. With about the same
> number of sequential dumps vs indexed random reads.
> I have no experience with the c interface for postgres or mysql, but
> also, do not know how much the c interface has changed for sleepycat
> 5/6 compared to the c interface for db3, which I understand quite well.
> So I am prepared for a learning curve irrespective of which platform
> I select. Records do not exceed much more than 10-20,000, with key sizes
> not much wider than 16 bytes (ipv4), 13 (mac), 32 (ipv6). And various
> smaller key sizes.
> Suggestions would be very much appreciated.


I'm a lazy bugger and what I'd do is knock together a small perl program using DBI and the DBD for Berkeley DB (sleepcat) and either MySQL or Postgres (pick your religion).

You could grap the records out of one table and insert them into another as though they are the same db... LIke I say, I'm lazy.

No, it's not shiney and new (may EVEN be deprecated)

If you'd like assistance, I'll be happy to hold hands

Bruce Ferrell

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