SPAM: Re: ZFS root, error 2 when mounting root

Chad M Stewart cms at
Tue Feb 26 14:31:10 UTC 2013

I've been down this road recently with 9.1-release.  I ended up adding these lines to end of my script

## The next two are "hacks" in my book, without the last line, on reboot
## it gets stuck trying to find zfs:zroot/ROOT, but somehow the -f or reboot "fixes"
# this quirk
zpool export zroot
zpool import -f zroot

Without the altroot it replaces the live CD mounts, and basically renders the system pointless, except that it works on reboot.  :)   I tried all sorts of other ways to make it work, mounting zroot and specifying a cache file, then cp the file over, etc., nothing I did worked except the above.  There is probably a cleaner/better way but I was not able to find it.


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