Gnome3??? no way!!!

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Tue Dec 10 02:19:35 UTC 2013

I was so stressed with gnome3 on archlinux, it works, 
but is so different, you must install a lot of extensions
to get it useable, no panels, no applets in the panels....
the "compatible mode" is too crippled.. there is no
easy way to configure the way it was before... 

The system was design to operate via keyboard shortcuts...
makes me reminds the wordperfect times...

Once you know the shortcuts, it is fast... but I do not
want to use the keyboard, so it is difficult...

I spend almost a month building  gnome from sources, and using
Freebsd ports to build it on Arch linux... (via makepkg and abs).
I have a repository, (if someone is interest...) that installs about
packages with a group=gnome2...  it should work on about any arch linux

There is also a port of mate sometime I will test it ===>


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