kinternet alternative in FreeBSD

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Fri Sep 14 10:18:04 UTC 2012

[ suseuser04 at wrote on Fri 14.Sep'12 at 11:05:03 +0200 ]

> Matthias, Polytropon:
> I have answered to your messages using "reply to" but my messages
> haven't reached the mailing list. I am posting now my answer in a
> new (not reply to) mail.
> Thank you for your answers.
> I am using KDE 3.5.10. I would like to use FreeBSD as a desktop machine
> for replacing openSUSE if it is possible at all.
May I just say, that some years ago I did just as you are doing now and started to use FreeBSD 6.x in place of Linux. I was used to KDE3 and so naturally tried to get that up and running. Since then, my needs have changed and discovered it was so much better to do away with these GUI tools such as the one(s) you refer to. Working from the command line in FreeBSD is SO much better, more flexible and powerful, and so ditched KDE altogether and now use a simple tiling window manager. You really don't need KDE or Gnome, ... , you can benefit much more from a BSD UNIX system without that crap. 

It's your choice naturally but IMO you will have a much nicer experience without KDE. All of your networking needs can be achieved from the command line and you won't fill your system with thousands of libraries and other code that you simply just don't need. 

Of course I'm biased but my experience since I changed to FreeBSD will no doubt be similar to yours should you choose to stick with it so I hope my comments have been of some use.

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