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Fri Sep 14 09:27:00 UTC 2012

On Fri, 14 Sep 2012 11:05:03 +0200, suseuser04 at wrote:
> Matthias, Polytropon:
> I have answered to your messages using "reply to" but my messages
> haven't reached the mailing list. I am posting now my answer in a
> new (not reply to) mail.

Check your mail client for reply options. I'm using Sylpheed
here and have:
	- Reply
	- Reply to all
	- Reply to sender
	- Reply to mailing list
I assume this is decided upon the headers From:, Reply-To:,
and Cc:. I don't see a MUA declared in your mail headers,
so whatever you use, check for such reply options. Even
"old-fashioned" tools like (al)pine have then. :-)

> Thank you for your answers.
> I am using KDE 3.5.10. I would like to use FreeBSD as a desktop machine
> for replacing openSUSE if it is possible at all.

I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be possible. Many years
ago, FreeBSD 4 obsoleted Linux as my home desktop, and I do not
regret the choice. Depending on what _you_ actually *do* with
your computer, there _may_ be certain "obstacles".

> For clarity, I do not need exactly kinternet, I want only an GUI frontend
> for pppdial which possibly resides in system tray and can be used to control
> network connections.

As I said, I've heared of a tool named kppp, and according to
the traditional naming convention in KDE (of _that_ time), I
assume this is a KDE program for dealing with ppp. Even though
networking is done at OS level which doesn't have such a tight
integration with desktop environments as this is done in
Linux (as the "big three" desktop environments are quite
Linux-centric), ppp can be invoked by the user (if he has
been granted the required permissions by the system administrator).
If a KDE program can "communicate" with the ppp command line
tool, it should work.

> In openSUSE kinternet is a frontend for smpppd package.
> smpppd requires ppp. I will try to look into it whether  smpppd  can
> work with FreeBSD's ppp.

That sounds like an interesting approach. Good luck!

I know that's basically possible. Many years ago, I wrote
a Tcl/Tk-based frontend with buttons to enable / disable
the connection, see the status and the elapsed time. If
that has been possible, chances are good that KDE in its
much advanced manner has something comparable.

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